: Swiss Banking Worldwide


Based in Germany, brings all the advantages of opening and managing a Swiss bank account online. The definition of a “Swiss bank” is privacy for the account holder. This is covered by the Banking Law of 1934 which made it a criminal act for any banks located in Switzerland to reveal their account holders’ names. This legally-guaranteed privacy protection for the bank’s clients is in the same manner and spirit of confidentiality afforded your doctors and their patients as well as lawyers and their clients.

Switzerland has always maintained a high-quality and steady modern economy to assure foreign banking clients who choose a Swiss bank account great stability and confidence in where they deposit their money. It’s a safe harbor for investors who want to safeguard their currency value with the high-degree of secrecy Swiss banks are renowned for. can show you how to open Swiss bank accounts and credit cards that can be centrally managed with a single login to their website whether it is a personal bank account or a corporate bank account. Backed by their years of experience with the Swiss banking system, they can match you with the ideal conditions like price-ratios and competitive interest rates. You will receive their all-inclusive package while requiring minimal references.